Student Centered Learning

Student-Centred Learning (SCL) is an Outcomes-Based Educational (OBE) approach to teaching and learning that focuses on the learning processes of the students and on the outcomes of these learning processes in the form of qualifications achieved by the students. These qualifications are often categorized in knowledge, skills and competences. The SCL approach is different from the more common Teacher-Centred Teaching approach, which is an inputs-based educational approach where focus is on the teacher’s information input to students’ learning processes.

The two F2F workshops on student-centred learning were held in AAU and KTH, respectively. AAU is well known for its problem-based learning approach, an approach to teaching and learning that is ideally suited for education for sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation, while KTH has been applying the Challenge Driven Education in their cooperation with universities in Tanzania.

In the first SCL workshop in AAU the program included the following main points:

  • Definitions of concepts: Teaching, learning, SCL;
  • From teacher-centred teaching to student-centred learning – a paradigm shift;
  • Assessment of SCL;
  • Course-based teaching in a problem-oriented, project-organised learning environment – large and small classes;
  • Problem-oriented intercultural teamwork within sustainability;
  • Student directed workshops about teamwork.
SCL training

Study visits during the first workshop included: The AAU university library, where trainees were given a tour and presented with some of the latest tools for information search; Visits to students’ groups, working in collaboration with industry on their project work. During these visits, trainees came to talk with both students, teachers and industry representatives, which gave them a broad stakeholder perspective on the usefulness of PBL.
The phase 3 assignments for SCL trainees consisted of three asynchronous online sessions, with selected readings and facilitating questions for each session.
The second SCL workshop in Stockholm had as main points on the programme the following:

  • Overview of SCL at KTH;
  • Student-Centred Learning in large groups;
  • Participation in course on Learning for Sustainable Development;
  • Biotechnology program with focus on sustainable development;
  • Introduction to the ABC Learning Design workshop.

Study visits at KTH included: The Visualization Studio VIS, a research environment with modern technology for visualization and interaction, where students, staff and industry meet; The Swedish Technical Museum, with the exhibition ‘100 innovations’; the KTH university library and academic centre for KTH students.