University of Energy & Natural Resources

The Third f2f training workshop in University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) took place from April 30th to May 3rd, 2019, in UENR, Sunyani, Ghana.

The program started on the first day with an EEISHEA project awareness raising seminar for approximate 30 staff and students from UENR, where the two EU team members gave presentations on the EEISHEA project and the ABC Learning Design approach, respectively.

The second and the third day were set aside for the peer training and peer learning. On the second day, the training focused first on Student-Centred Learning (SCL), including assessment in SCL and the use of e-learning in SCL, followed by training on E-Learning (E-L), including e-learning tools for effective teaching and learning and for assessment. On the third day, focus was on Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the morning, followed by training on sustainability in the afternoon, including SDGs, sustainability competences and pedagogical approaches for sustainability teaching.

The ABC Learning Design workshop was held on the fourth day in the morning and followed by a discussion on how to carry further the curriculum development process in the afternoon. Finally, the 4-days Third Training workshop was evaluated by the participants who agreed that the workshop had been well organized, very interactive and with good discussions and comments from all participants. The only point of improvement mentioned was, that there should have been more time.