Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


The Department in consultation with stakeholders in the industry, allied research institutes, the Fisheries Directorate of the then Ministry of Agriculture and the graduates with specialization in fisheries and watershed management, decided to develop a programme in Aquaculture and Water Resources Management to provide the requisite human resources for the rapidly expanding aquaculture industry taking into account the need to provide jobs, achieve food security and provide the required human for the aquaculture industry.

The programme is aimed at training students in aquaculture production and development, and water resources management emphasising the linkages between the quality of waterbodies, and production/use of aquatic organisms for food and industrial development. The course adopts the student-centred learning approach to build entrepreneurial, analytical and critical thinking skills, and innovative capabilities in students to solve societal problems and highlighting the importance of water to life on earth and the concept of sustainability in the use of water and other aquatic resources to meet the needs of the present generation while conserving these resources for future generations.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • to integrate knowledge in basic sciences, engineering, and business aspects of aquaculture
  • to develop students’ practical skills in the culture, processing, and marketing of aquatic organisms,
  • to develop students’ creative thinking and practical skills to enhance their ability to sustainably provide solutions for challenges in the management of water resources and aquaculture.
  • to enable students to innovate and apply the concept of sustainability to aquaculture as a business