Capacity Building Workshop 2020

  • Review the way we plan to integrate 4 cross-cutting areas (SCL, E-L, E&I, SUS) in the curriculum
  • Integrate 4 cross-cutting areas (SCL, E-L, E&I, SUS) in the Program Qualification Profile (PQP) and the Programme Overview (PO)
  • Incorporating 4 cross-cutting areas (SCL, E-L, E&I, SUS) into the curriculum.

A partly revised version of the Program Qualification Profile (PQP) is attached to this document as example of the outcome of discussions. The PQP must be further revised by the Local Task Force because there is a need to revise the Knowledge and Skills lists, since we have not discussed these in detail during the meetings.

The main point stressed was that the Student-Centered Learning (for example, PBL) approach should be clearly reflected in the PrgO, in the form of, for example, projects or other student-centered active learning elements, online with courses. Another point discussed was the thematization of semesters, i.e., the existence of a project plus related project supporting courses under a given semester theme. Discussion focused on identifiable themes for semesters 1 and 2, with possible projects plus project supporting courses in each semester