ToT E-learning

The two workshops on e-learning were conducted in UCPH and AAU, respectively. UCPH has a strong focus on e-learning, and the Centre for Online and Blended Learning (COBL) supports all staff with training and coaching in a broad range of e-learning tools and approaches. AAU hosts the E-Learning Lab, a center for user-driven innovation, learning and design.
Main points on the program for the first E-L workshop in UCPH were:

  • What is good e-learning?
  • Instructional design – the teacher as designer; 
  • Learning types;
  • Introduction to e-learning tools;
  • Introduction to video recording.

The study visit in UCPH included a visit to the COBL and informal talks with students and staff on the use of e-learning tools and methods.
The phase 3 assignment for trainees on E-L was to produce a short video film that they had to upload to the EEISHEA platform in Moodle.
In the second E-L workshop in AAU the main points were the following:

  • Video production;
  • Change management and implementation of change;
  • More e-learning tools, including online assessment.

In AAU, trainees paid a visit to the E-Learning Lab and had a chance to talk with researchers, teachers and students in that lab.