Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College

The Third f2f Training workshop in KCMUCo took place from May 7th to 10th, 2019 in KCMUCo, Moshi, Tanzania. The program for the 4-day workshop followed the proposed outlined program, with small modifications.

On the morning of the first day, a meeting was held between the Local Task Force (LTF), other members of the curriculum development committee, the local Stake Holder Panel and the EU team. In the afternoon, the peer training was initiated by a session on project overview and expectations, followed by a training session on Student-Centred Learning (SCL).


The second day started with a Curricular Harmonization workshop in the morning. In the afternoon the peer training on SCL was completed. The third day started with peer training on Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) in the morning, and peer training on Sustainability (SUS) and E-Learning (E-L) in the afternoon.

On the fourth day, the EU team conducted an ABC Learning Design workshop for curriculum development at programme level. This workshop took place in the morning, while in the afternoon the discussion focused on ongoing curriculum development. The evaluation at the end of the workshop documented satisfaction with the workshop, especially with the ABC Learning Design workshop, which was new and innovative to participants.