State University of Zanzibar

The Third f2f Training workshop took place in SUZA from April 29th to May 2nd, 2019, in SUZA, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The program started on the first day with the Local Task Force (LTF) giving a presentation of the Erasmus+ project and the results of a Tracer Study, to invited internal and external Stakeholders and the EU team. Following this, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, gave a short welcoming speech to the EU team, with special thanks to EU and partner universities. After this, a meeting between the Local Task Force, other members of the curriculum development team, local Stakeholders and the EU team was held. In the afternoon of the first day, an awareness raising seminar was held, for interested staff and students, as part of local dissemination.

The second day included peer training on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the morning, and on Sustainability in the afternoon, while the third day contained peer training on Student-Centred Learning in the morning and on e-learning in the afternoon.

On the fourth day, the EU team held an ABC Learning Design workshop for curriculum redesign at programme level. This workshop was received with great enthusiasm, so much so that some months later, SUZA took the initiative to organize a blended ABC Learning Design workshop at module level, with online facilitation from one EU team member, and in January 2021, the Local Project Coordinator and the Local Project Manager from SUZA were invited by the Tanzania Commission for Universities to give a presentation on Reviewing Curriculum Using ABC approach, in the Capacity Building Workshop held by Tanzania Universities Quality Assurance Forum, in Morogoro, January 2021.

By the end of the fourth day an evaluation of the Third Training workshop was carried out. The evaluation documented overwhelming satisfaction with most aspects of the workshop.