Entrepeneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) education aims at fostering the student’s knowledge, skills, and competences to be creative, identify ideas and exploit opportunities. E&I knowledge and skills relevant for the entrepreneurial process involves idea generation, execution and company establishment and  growth. These skills and competences can be channeled to the market through the creation of a new ventures, self- employment or by contributing to development and growth in an existing business (intrapreneurship).

ToT Sustainability

The two F2F workshops on E&I were conducted in KTH and UCPH, respectively. KTH hosts a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, while the Center for Africa Studies, UCPH, has a long-standing cooperation with African universities, with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.
The first workshop on E&I focused on the following areas:

  • What is the value of E&I?
  • Grass root entrepreneurship in Africa: Examples of locally based eco-tourism;
  • Creativity processes;
  • How to organize industry collaboration;
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation programmes and courses.
Study visits at KTH included: The Greenhouse Labs, which is an innovation gateway that promotes sustainable growth and provides practical insight into small business operations for KTH students and staff and facilitates the integration of innovation and education; Stockholm Innovation and Growth (Sting) that offers one of the most extensive startup support ecosystems in the Nordics countries, providing startup companies with support from idea to paying customers and recurring revenue.
The joint assignment for the two trainees during phase 3 was to prepare a short presentation of E&I, seen from the perspective of students and teachers in their home university.

The second workshop on E&I had the following main points on the program:
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation, seen from teachers’ and students’ perspectives;
  • Higher education and capacity building in the area of E&I;
  • Learning activities for E&I;
  • AfricaLics’ approach to research on and work with E&I.

Study visits in UCPH included a visit to the Copenhagen Innovation Hub and infomal talks with students and staff involved in E&I.