Consultancy Visit to Tanzania

During the year 2019, in connection with the curriculum development process in the 5
African partner universities, the need to meet with the national accrediting
authorities in both Tanzania and Ghana became evident, and such meetings were
suggested and approved as additional project activities. The Corona pandemic,
did, however, delay the planning and implementation of these activities.

The meeting with Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) in Tanzania was eventually
organized, and in connection with the meeting with TCU, which was to be held in
Dar es Salaam. The main purpose of the meeting was to achieve a shared
understanding of the relevance of the EEISHEA project to national priorities
for higher education. A Meeting Paper describing the EEISHEA project was
prepared and submitted to the TCU participants before the meeting.

Additionally, it was decided that consultancy meetings with the three Tanzanian partner
universities should also be held, one in Zanzibar and two in Dar es Salaam,
where a location at the organisation
Haki Elimu was rented for the meetings.