Workshop introducing students to PBL (SCL) and Workshop Integrating Sustainability in Courses 2022

The Enhancing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability in Higher Education in Africa

In April 2022, two workshops were held to support the implementation of EEISHEA curricula and prepare teachers and students for a PBL learning environment and integrating sustainability in courses.

1)Workshop introducing students to PBL (SCL)

Description & Outcomes

This workshop is for you who teach students who are new to PBL and a student-centred learning environment. Students who have no or little previous experience with problem-based and project-organized learning environment need an introduction to the approach to get the full benefits of the learning activities. The workshop will be rich in examples from AAU, where 1st-year students have a comprehensive mandatory course on PBL. You will also be introduced to various tools and methods that support a PBL approach.

The workshop is, however, not to be mistaken as a course introducing you to PBL. This is what you were introduced to in the EEIS-HEA F2F workshops taking place at the beginning of the EEIS-HEA project period.


  • Describe benefits, challenges and considerations when introducing students to PBL
  • Methods to students’ collaboration process
  • Tools and methods to students’ project management
  • Input to concrete workshop design for an introduction to newcomers to PBL

2) Workshop Integrating Sustainability in Courses

Description & purpose

This workshop is for you who wants to integrate sustainability in courses.  Maybe you are about to teach your students sustainability but would like to get inspiration how this can be done. Many concrete examples from different engineering programmes (e.g., Nanotechnology, Computer Science, Robot technology, Environmental Management Science, and IT) will be given.

The workshop is however not to be mistaken as a course introducing you to sustainability science. This is what you learned in the EEIS-HEA sustainability workshops (Aalborg, December 2018 and Barcelona, February 2019).

The workshop will be structured in three themes: “getting aware”, “knowing more” and “doing more”:


Input to concrete workshop designs for sustainability in relation to your own discipline

Teacher guide for how to integrate Sustainability in course material in your own discipline

The workshops were held at:

  • KCMUCO on April the 5th and 6th
  • SUZA on April the 7th and 8th
  • SUA on April the 11th and 12th 

The facilitators of the workshop were Associate Prof. Bente Nørgaard and Associate Prof. Carla Kornelia Smink, from Aalborg University, Denmark. Thus, 6 workshops were held where there were between 20 – 35 participants. Participants in this workshop included academic staff, quality assurance staff, and students.