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Benjamin Asubam Weyori              benjamin.weyori@uenr.edu.gh

Francis Kojo Asare Yawson             francis.yawson@uenr.edu.gh

Christopher Addo                             caddo@knust.edu.gh
Godfred Yeboah Annum                 anngodam@yahoo.co.uk

Training of Trainers in Europe


  • Workshop 1:
  • Copenhagen
  • December 4 - 7 - 2018
  • Workshop 2:
  • Aalborg
  • January 21 - 24 - 2019

Intended learning outcome

  • The trainees have demonstrated good skills on design of courses in their own Learning Management Moodle
  • The trainees have shown that they can use and apply a number of good digital tools
  • The trainees have produced an educational video with smartphone, PP-slides and Camtasia video editor
  • The trainees can explain some relevant concepts in Change management


  • Trainees and trainers shared and discussed good examples of courses and digital resources and built up a page with good e-learning tools for the project (2 days)
  • Trainees were introduced to video recording and editing and produced short lecture videos in groups. They used their own smartphones for recording, supporting microphones and light and Camtasia for editing the videos (3 days).
  • Trainees built a course page in Moodle for a theme in a relevant course and shared experiences with Moodle management (1 day)
  • We discussed challenges in implementation of e-learning and spent later a day on working with Change Management in the e-learning area (1½ day)


UPCH: Henrik Bregnhøjhenrik.bregnhoj@sund.ku.dk


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